Ship Types and Capacities

Mega-Liners: 650 to 1500 sleeping rooms

Glamorous new, state-of-the-art vessels with multi-story atriums, a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues, large & lavish production shows, the latest in a/v equipment -- many ships have multi-screen video walls, computer generated sound & light, dedicated conference space and well-equipped health clubs and spas. Lots of staterooms with private balconies. These seagoing resorts offer 3, 4, and 7 day cruises, mostly in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Alaska.

Mid-Size Ships: 500 to 800 sleeping rooms

Traditional style ships, some brand new and some older but well maintained and with character. Depending on group size, these ships can offer a higher degree of customization and group exclusivity than the mega-ships. Most have abundant activities and entertainment, and traditional shipboard dining -- one or two restaurants with two seatings for breakfast and dinner. These offer a greater variety of destinations than the mega ships, which are restricted by their size. With fewer passengers, food quality and service can be higher on these vessels.

Smaller, More Intimate Vessels: 200 to 450 sleeping rooms

Most of these vessels cater to the well-traveled passenger, and provide a very high level of service. Usually located in more exotic destinations. Many vessels in this category offer one-seating in the dining room, the most leisurely way to dine. Can be perfect for half-ship charters and full charters, depending on group size.

Yacht-Like Luxury: 50 to 190 sleeping rooms

All-suite vessels, offering the ultimate in luxury accommodations, service and amenities. Most ships offer butler service and a very fine dining experience with food prepared "a la minute". Worldwide itineraries include Europe, South America, The Indian Ocean, Asia, occasionally even Mexico or the Caribbean, calling at the jet-set ports that attract yachts. Short 4, 5, and 7 day cruises sometimes available, but longer voyages are the norm. Plan 2 years ahead for a charter to get a shorter length. This grouping includes motor vessels as well as beautiful sailing ships.

River Boats: 30 to 200 sleeping rooms

A river cruise can take you on the Danube in Bavaria/Austria, the Rhone in France, the Nile, China’s Yangtzee, and even the mighty Mississippi. Many of these vessels are new and offer a very high quality travel experience. They’re perfect for in-depth sightseeing and a relaxed cruising pace, with minimal entertainment onboard. Ideal for charter -- you set the itinerary to suit your needs. If your people have been everywhere, this might be for them.

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